Three Vision TV Channel Announces Launch of Two New Channels in Sri Lanka with Latest Digital Technology


Three Vision TV channel has announced that it will be launching two new channels in Sri Lanka starting from June 1st. The first channel, TV Lanka, will be a free digital UHF Channel, broadcasting on Channel No. 19. The second channel, Peo TV, will be available on Channel No. 18. Both channels will be using the latest digital technology in Sri Lanka.

According to the announcement posted on their Facebook page, Three Vision TV channel is working to bring Dialog to viewers through Freesat. The channel also claims to have no political agenda, party political programs, teledrama broadcasts, or air time allocation. Instead, the channel emphasizes the importance of using all three languages and providing entertainment that supports the mental and technical development of the country.

The channel aims to positively stimulate the minds of youth and children by providing meaningful programming without abusing the audience’s valuable time. With this new launch, Three Vision TV channel hopes to continue its commitment to providing high-quality programming to its viewers in Sri Lanka.

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