Sri Lanka Strongly Protests Canadian PM’s Remarks on “Tamil Genocide Week”


Sri Lanka’s Foreign Ministry summoned Canadian High Commissioner Eric Walsh today to register a strong protest over Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s recent remarks recognizing a “Tamil genocide week.” The protest comes in response to Ontario’s declaration of the week between May 11 and 18 as the Tamil genocide week.

During a statement on May 18, the day marking the end of the civil war in Sri Lanka, Prime Minister Trudeau expressed his reflections on the loss of life during the armed conflict. He mentioned the tragic events at Mullivaikal and acknowledged the suffering of Tamil Canadians who were affected by the conflict. Trudeau also highlighted Canada’s commitment to advocating for the rights of victims and survivors.

Foreign Minister Ali Sabry stated that the Canadian High Commissioner was summoned to convey Sri Lanka’s strong protest against the Canadian Prime Minister’s remarks. The minister emphasized that the sentiments expressed by Prime Minister Trudeau were unwarranted and urged Canada to reconsider its position.

The Sri Lankan government views the Canadian Prime Minister’s statements as a disregard for the efforts made by the country to achieve peace and reconciliation following the civil war. Sri Lanka asserts that the conflict-affected all communities on the island, and it is working towards healing and unity among its diverse population.

Sri Lanka expects Canada to recognize its progress in post-war reconciliation and refrain from actions that may undermine these efforts. The government intends to engage in diplomatic discussions to address the issue and seek a satisfactory resolution with Canada.

The Canadian High Commissioner has assured that he will convey Sri Lanka’s concerns to the Canadian government. Further dialogue between the two nations is expected to take place in order to address the matter diplomatically.

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