India Hosts G20 Tourism Meeting in Kashmir Amid Opposition from China


India is currently hosting a key G20 tourism meeting in Srinagar, Kashmir, amidst heightened security and opposition from China. The meeting, held from Monday to Wednesday, marks the largest international event in the region since India revoked its special status in 2019. Over 60 delegates from G20 member countries are expected to attend, although China has declined participation, citing its objection to holding meetings in disputed territories. Both India and Pakistan claim Kashmir in full but only control certain parts. India’s decision to host the event in Kashmir has drawn criticism from Pakistan, while India maintains that it is natural to hold G20 events in the region.

The Indian government views the meeting as a historic opportunity to showcase Kashmir’s culture. Security drills were conducted in the lead-up to the event, as the region has experienced an armed insurgency since 1989.

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