Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation Ends Seven Regional Radio Services Due to Financial Crisis


The Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC) has announced the discontinuation of seven regional radio services from June 1st. This decision comes as a result of SLBC’s ongoing financial crisis. The affected radio services include the Spiritual Service on 107.3 MHz (Deniya) and 107.5 MHz (Haputale), Serving the Kingdom on 107.3 MHz (Karagathanna) and 90.1 MHz (Anuradhapura), Kandura Service on 90.1 MHz (Hantana), North West Radio on 90.1 MHz (Subport), FM on 90.1/102.1 MHz (Jaffna), Pirai FM on 102.1 MHz (Support), and Dambana Radio on 95.4 MHz (Damban). However, Uva Radio on 97.6 MHz (Haputala), controlled by the Uva Provincial Council, will continue its broadcast as it is not affected by this decision.

Additionally, the SLBC Engineering Division has been instructed to broadcast “Tamil Swadeh Sevam” on the frequencies of local radio services Yal FM and Pirai FM, while “Sinhala Swadeshiya Seva” on Ruhunu Seva, Rajarata Seva, and Kandurata Seva has ceased broadcasting as of June 1st.

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