Eppawala town is full of phosphate.


Even though there is a rock phosphate deposit of more than fifteen million metric tons in the area where the town of Eppawala is located, it is revealed that it has not been possible to mine that phosphate stock because the Geological Survey and Mines Bureau did not properly explore the area.

In the survey reports made in 1976 regarding the Eppawala phosphate deposit, it is stated that there are fifteen million metric tons of rock phosphate in the southern region of this deposit, i.e. around the city. But, in a report released by the Bureau of Geological Survey and Mines in 2022, it has been mentioned that the southern region has only seven million metric tons.

While one metric ton of rock phosphate is sold for more than 300 US dollars in the world market, one metric ton of rock phosphate in Eppawala is sold for 138 US dollars.

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