“ITN Sri Lanka” YouTube channel was out of control.


The “ITN Sri Lanka” YouTube channel belonging to the independent television service is currently being opened through a link called Microstrategy US and on the “ITN Sri Lanka” YouTube channel with over 2.5 million users, only videos of Microstrategy with about 36000 users can be seen.
Also, ITN Sri Lanka all videos are under the private (Privet) video category so no video can be watched. Meanwhile “ITN SRI LANKA YOUTUBE CHANNEL is temporarily out of control, independent TV service informs you to access the ITN PLUS channel to watch all teledramas and programmes.

It’s unclear how the channel was hijacked and ITN has yet to offer any official statement regarding the present circumstances. However, in response to a tweet, the ITN Sri Lanka Chairman stated that the company is currently in touch with YouTube Creator Support and is in the process of recovering the account.


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